About us

At Flick On, we are constantly reviewing new product designs, functionalities and technical capabilities in all things LED lighting that will work in both domestic and commercial applications. Our product range is the result of years of collating feedback and product requirements from our customers, bringing

you LED products that are cost-effective,

where functionality meets design, in most if not all our products.

Each product has been reviewed and tested to ensure that they are Australian compliant, meets the required safety standards and are made of durable material without compromising on design and aesthetics.

Our goal

We have a wide range of domestic, architectural and commercial lights that can cater to your designing and project needs. In addition to a diverse range, we also work with you to provide lighting solutions, share expertise and knowledge around various LED lighting solutions.

Our aim is to help you be more cost-effective and time-efficient in delivering the right lighting solutions at the time required. We understand that delivering on time is important and work with you to meet your project deadlines.

Concept & Design

We take pride in our work and our job is to ensure that we understand the scope and requirements behind every design and project, so we can deliver the concept from paper to installation. We take time to ask the relevant questions to get the bigger picture, we are able to recognise gaps and areas that may require attention, in turn helping you achieve the right lighting solutions that meets your expectations.


The ability to do this comes from knowledge and experience gained through multiple and varying installations, and working closely with our industry partners, allowing us to better design the right lighting solution for your requirements.


We provide lighting simulations to help you visually see the complexity of various lighting within a space and building environment; how they interact and behave, so you can be confident that the lighting solution presented is what you have envisaged and will come to expect at completion.

We firmly believe that the ability to visualise any lighting solution helps put your mind at ease, knowing you are not taking a leap of faith into the unknown, and therefore minimising the need to go back to client site to “fix things”.

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